Toxic Masculinity

Theres all these people in the gym

Don’t really know a thing.

They check the room, make sure they’re fitting in

Wearing clothes they shouldn’t even be fitting in.

Doesn’t help that theres mirrors surrounding,

Its genuinely astounding

How the male body image is changing.

It’s less empowering than the way it used to be.

Gents with the strength in a different sort of fashion,


Not splashing their bodies around, in a crowd

To make themselves stand out.

And we’ve the island of love to thank,

TV shows and celeb’s tap into their banks,

They put themselves up on shelves for kids to buy and keep trying

But theres just No denying it leaves them underwhelmed.

Cos their pockets are empty severely

Subscriptions signed up to yearly.

And now the youth of today only care how they look ascetically

Rather than being fit physically.

Smile on the face. Happily. Honesty.

Imagine holding down the fear

Hiding back the tears

Cos its Toxic Masculinity thats got me terrified,

Wear the toxic mask you’re in,

It’s he you should be like.

He you should strive to be alike.

Hurt yourself getting there knowing its not right.

And you never use to care what you were looking like,

Now you only care that you look alike to everyone

The same shape and size

In your eyes your blind to the fact that your thighs will never be aligned.

And it shouldn’t matter what you’re looking like,

But we know that it matters to you.

‘You’re not fat. Your seeing your reflection in

a Cracked mirror

Someone thinner

A car window

Coffee spoon distorting your REAL beautiful figure’.

And look, Just cos you’re in the gym doesn’t mean you’re doing it right

You get uptight, wondering if you’re pumping it right

I’m seeing teens who should be

Out on a bike

Playing football

Climbing a tree

Or even out on a hike.

But they’re cooped up like steroid chickens,

Grains and gains weighed out to intake in.

Shaking. BCAA Protein intaking.

Filter after filter

Tweeting on twitter

For likes saying ‘God, Look at your Figure

And it messes with their heads see,

It makes them not wanna get dressed, see

Kids are depressed. See me,

I wanna say, ‘Don’t worry about it, I can hear your inner shout it out loud, you’re doubt,

Cos I’ve been there before. Just know that I’m an open door.’

Don’t get me wrong. Its good that you’re in the gym.

Yeah, its good that you’re healthy

I just worry you’ve become so stealthy

To what you’re putting in your system

Blink and I missed them.

You’re becoming what you can’t afford to be.

Cos it costs an arm and a leg

To keep yourself all shred for a life you never should of led.

And your banks seen more Cobwebs and I’m holding on to the thread

Fraying with every word thats unsaid.

The simple question.


Just 3 little words, so simple to say.

But yet day after day we let them slip away and then its too late.

I lost my best mate

And now day after day I have to replay that same pain that I could never restrain.

Don’t fake a smile or

Live in denial, or

Sit in your bedroom cry, or

Wish you’d die.

Life’s worth living despite how you look or dress,

How heavy you can bench push or press.

Just clear your head, try not to stress

Depress those feelings that are taking over.

Cos sooner or later this fad’ll all be over

And sooner or later, you’ll be another year older.

By Matt Concannon

The Thirsty Poet

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