The Hands of Time

Time - We don’t have much of it.

Feels like we have a lot to spare at the moment.

But We can’t measure our lives in an hourglass.

Some have far less than others.

Analysing analoging the clock.

Measuring every Tick to tock

Some don’t expect theirs to run out, until it does.

We shouldn’t take our time, for granted.

The hands we are dealt, the Second, minute, hours. Watching. Wasting.

It is their duty to spend it well.

Their own choice. Their Decision that could buy them more time. So choose wisely.

Time to Argue.

Time to Mourn.

Time to Fight

Time to Grieve.

Time to Cry.

Time to Count.

Because time, runs out.

We have taken time for granted, clocked out on people when they have logged in.

The faces ticking bye. Time wasted with Every setting sundial.

With every stroke. Every decision. Every Opportunity.

So. Time. Take yours as you will.

But make sure it counts.

Time to Compliment.

Time to Love

Time to Listen. Truly Listen.

Time to Heal.

Time to Change.

Time to breathe.

Time to Feel.

Time to Grow.

Time to Give

Stopwatching It expire.

We don’t realise how much time we have until it is………….

By Matt Concannon

The Thirsty Poet

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